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 School In A Box

School In A Box is our Edu-tech Startup Project.

School in a Box is a software and Hardware product development organization based out of Mumbai and Chhattisgarh . It is in the area of developing unique and effective, multimedia and multilingual learning tools for a plethora of industries, educational institutions and student community. The main focus is to deliver a high and very interactive way to convey the subjects

and to create a learning eco system which will bridge the learning gaps. One of our other main objectives are bringing the best technologies at schools and institutions like advance gadgets and internet connectivity and solving complete Education Tech Infrastructure Solution.

Car Design - Infooby

Customization In Cars and Bikes

Our Next Project is Focused on Auto Mobile Industry. (Coming Up)

Transportation is everywhere but we think that we should do something innovative Let's Change the world and the way how transportation works! we should do something innovative with Carburetor, Engines and its Energy Source Resources. (We are mainly focused on innovating Some Good Energy Resources).

Infooby Innovations

Robotics and Drones

One of our most important Projects

We at infooby Sincerely Working and looking forward to change whole technology using Robotics and Drones. Infooby is only about Innovations and Innovations! So we will do better in this area also.


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